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Cornell Note Taking Pad

Cornell Note Taking Pad

Evidence-informed note taking method

The Cornell system is one of a number of note taking strategies that can be used during class, when reviewing information after class or as a revision aid. It is an internationally recognised note taking system designed to help students abbreviate and summarise notes in an active way meaning they are required to be mentally engaged in their learning. The process forces students to focus and interact with the information at hand as well as make decisions about what is important and therefore should be recorded for recall at a later date. Our Cornell pads come with a full set of instructions and exemplars.

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How to use the Cornell Note Taking Pad

  • Step 1
    Select a subject and topic

  • Step 2
    Gather the relevant class notes

  • Step 3
    Skim read the notes to get a fee for the content

  • Step 4
    Read through in details and underline/highlight key information

  • Step 5
    Begin to construct abbreviated notes by bulleting, numbering and sketching important ideas

  • Step 6
    Self generate questions

  • Step 7
    Summarise abbreviated notes

  • Step 8
    Revisit and review notes/questions at spaced intervals

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"I feel so much more motivated and confident towards studying and exams. The resources are really useful - all the information I need to know is now organised and easy to access."

Julie, A-level Student