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Up to 35% off

Schools can save money on bulk purchases, postage and training.

The big question is how much does it cost?

There are economies of scale for schools that are able to bulk purchase. In fact schools that can meet quantities of 150+ can enjoy as much as 35% discount. Free training is also available with bulk purchases.

To apply to be sent a rate card please click the button below and follow the details.

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Classroom / Tutor pack


If you would like to try our resources with your class then have a look at our classroom offer.

This pack includes:

  • Study Maps (x10)
  • Cornell Note Taking Pad (x10)
  • Connected Flashcards (x10)
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Syllabus Search


We have produced syllabus snapshots for each GCSE subject. These are condensed versions and will save students valuable time. You can access this section via the link below.

Exam bodies include

  • AQA
  • CCEA
  • EdExcel
  • Ireland State Examinations
  • Commission
  • OCR
  • SQA
Syllabus search
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Student and Parent Seminars

We're experts in study and revision strategies and can work with your students, the parents of your students or even both parents and students at the same time.

We can show students and parents simple and effective study and revision strategies that will help them maximise their effectiveness as they approach their exams.

Included in the training are several additional resources for each participant.

Training is £695/€795 or can be FREE with bulk purchases.
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Ultimate Study System Intervention

In the 2018/19 academic year 3,145 Students from 12 Schools were involved in our unique Four Stage Study System Intervention.

Each student received the Ultimate Study System pack and were given detailed training on its use. Follow-up training was also provided to teachers and parents.

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Student feedback (pre and post intervention)
  • I found it very useful and it helped me feel less stressed about revision. It is a good system to have for any test.



  • Study packs are well presented, have great instructions and also ideas for how to generate the most from the various elements. Thank you.



  • Allows parents a defined way to help their children – a practical approach. A strategy that hopefully will make my son feel prepared and hopefully less stressed.